How to do matrices on a TI-89 Titanium?

Posted by: raysmithtx Post date: December 13th, 2009

Can anyone please tell me how to:
1. Add /Subtract matrices
2. Multiply matrices
3. Solve augmented matrices (using rref)
using a TI-89 Titanium calculator

Please include a STEP BY STEP procedure! I got frustrated from reading the manual (which was no help) and trying to figure it out on my own. BTW I already know how to do these by hand, but our teacher wants us to know how to do them on the calculator and she doesn't know how to work a 89.

Also, please simplify because I'm noy good at following complicated procedures. Ten points to the one who does it best. THANK YOU!

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  1. Pi R Squared Says:


    I’ll give this a shot. I’m using the referenced website as my guide.

    To enter matrices, go to APPS.
    Select 6: Data/Matrix Editor
    Select 3: New
    Select the type of variable to create. Be sure to enter the number of rows and columns in your matrix.
    Enter your data for matrix A.
    Repeat for matrix B.

    If you look under F2, option 3 allows you to find A + B.
    If you look under F2, option 4 allows you to find A – B.

    If you entered your augmented matrix already, under F3, option 4 allows you to do the rref([A]).

    I don’t have a TI89 in front of me, but I hope that helps. If I can find a Ti 89 at school, I’ll check this and see if I can be any more specific.

    I hope this helps!! :-)

  2. Helpful Stranger Says:

    I’m not sure about solving augmented matrices, but I know how to +/ -/ multiply.
    When you go to the main menue and select matrices, select option three to make a new matirix. Create whatever matrices you want, and make sure you know their letter. Then go back to the main menue and go ‘home’.
    When you are allowed to do general calculations, type in a+b or a-b or a*b. It will solve whatever calculation you need (as long as you remeber to put in the right matrix letter!)
    They really are awesome calculators!

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